Vol. 1 Issue 4-May 2013

Dear Crossover Family,


 Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers of Crossover Church out there. You all deserve to be treated like queens and I personally will remember on this day my own mother who is far away on the other side of the world in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. God knows how much I miss her, but I am blessed to have many great women around me here at Crossover Church. I encourage all young and old to express how much you love your mom, and how much she means to you for it is truly a blessing to be close to your mother. Tell her today what big influence she has made in your life. I know for me personally that is introducing me to God.

This month of May is the fourth month of full-time ministry for me and I have experienced truly some amazing growth while serving here at Crossover Church. Whether you are a member or regular attendee at Crossover Church one of the core values here is to help You Discover, Develop and Display yourself for Christ in God’s Kingdom. I must confess in the last months I have grasped the values and its importance, though I admit that the lesson that I quickly had to learn is that balance is so important. It is important in every area of your life, but for me particularly it is important when working in full-time ministry. Wise advice someone close to me shared last month was the following: "The best lesson in ministry is learning that it is ok to say no. Even Christ slipped away to pray and rest in God."

My biggest challenge right now is learning how to balance my activities. There are times that an 8 hour day might turn into a 14 hour day, simply because I will do that and because I can, but it doesn’t mean I should. The difference between a secular job and ministry job is that in a secular job you more than likely will clock in and clock out, and once you do so you are done until you return. Ministry on the other hand is your life, and you don’t ever clock in or out from your ministry.  The importance though is that I do have to be intentional about taking time out to enjoy myself and tell myself to find time to relax. I realize if I don’t then the danger is to experience a burn out.

In closing, I just want to inspire each one of you to stay focused, but remain to seek a balance in your life, your career, your family and friends and most importantly your time with God.

What to expect for the following month:
-  May 14, 2013:  Rootsgroup for Young Women at 12.30pm or 7pm will start at Crossover Church
-  God is allowing me to minister in dance in Columbus Georgia, this week at the “Break every chain: Youth waking up for Christ” event, so please pray for travelling mercies

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“I thank my God every time I remember you,”- Philippians 3:1