Be a transformer

Vol. 2 Issue 2

Dear Friend,

I hope all is well and that you enjoyed the Limitless Life series that we just completed here at Crossover Church. I know I was blessed to study the book Limitless Life by Derwin Gray. Not to forget the amazing final week where we had Derwin Gray as our guest speaker. May you remember everyday how much God loves you and that you are adopted by Him and that your purpose is found in God the Creator of all things.

Every month when I write to you, I always ask God: “God what will you share through me this month to your people?” I like to share this month to you and those around you, to be a transformer. Live a limitless life daily with God, and ask God how he can use you for His kingdom to be a blessing.

If you walked into the lobby, you might have seen there is some transformation going on to one of the wings. That’s right! The Crossover Music & Arts Center (CMAC) ministry has had a dream for a year now to have a professional dance floor to the benefit of the community of Crossover Church. This dance floor will allow us to offer dance classes and other arts classes in a professional setting. In 2013 $3000 was raised through a variety of fundraisers. This amount has allowed us to start the process of building the foundation for a professional dance floor. We still have at least a need for another $4000 to raise, so please keep us in prayer and if you feel called to be a transformer in the CMAC ministry then it would be a blessing as well.

Many great projects are started, but it takes an army of people who are committed and who believe in the mission and vision that's laid out.

Be a transformer in your household, in your job, at school, and in the church where you serve. God gives us ideas and visions not just to have but expand and trust Him with all your talents and gifts.

You are called and you have a purpose, now go out and transform for the Kingdom of God!


Nikita Carter