On a mission

Vol. 2 Issue 5- June 2014

Greetings to you,

How are you doing today? May you see God’s hand on your life today and remember that you are blessed! Last month I briefly shared about who I am and what I do here in the USA as a missionary at Crossover Church. If I didn’t get a chance to meet you yet, please make sure you find me in the lobby after one of the worship services at Crossover Church.

This month of June has been an overflow of activities all to the glory of God. I was blessed to have received visitors from back home in the Netherlands. I am so thankful to know that God sends me exactly what I need always at the right timing. From time to time I think about my family and friends who I haven't seen in many years and this year 2014 has been a year of many people coming to Tampa Florida to visit me and seeing how I live  as a missionary life for Jesus Christ in an urban community at Crossover Church.

The most interesting visit so far this month was a missions team from Midland, TX from Church under the Bridge. For an entire week I had the honor to host a group of 12 people that came to Tampa to experience an Urban Mission Experience at Crossover Church. For 6 days they worked hard and served many homeless people at Metropolitan Ministries and Amazing Love Ministries, and they served the community of Suitcase City. Being on a mission for Jesus Christ is something I encourage people to think of daily. Not only is it a humbling experience to serve, but it reminds us that we are not here to be served. For anyone who has decided to follow Jesus, it should become a norm to serve and to share the hope you have while on earth.

If you even today are wondering about God’s plan for your life, then I highly encourage you to serve in several areas at your church, or non-profit organizations that are for the improvement of the community and people. It is in these serving moment that you find out what your are passionate about or what is not for you. I know for me personally it was going on a mission trip to Rwanda that ultimately changed my heart and inspired me to take the courage to answer God’s calling on my life as a missionary.

God has a plan for all of us and that means you too. Seek Him, pray to Him and allow Him to reveal his Master plan for your life.

Be blessed!

 Check out the support page, if you are called to support me in my mission at Crossover Church Thank you so much!

Check out the support page, if you are called to support me in my mission at Crossover Church
Thank you so much!

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.
— Psalm 96:3