Happy New Year

Vol. 1 Issue 11- December 2013         

What’s up Crossover?


We all tend to talk about resolutions when the New Year starts, but how many of those resolutions we truly make happen?  What were your resolutions last year for 2013? More importantly, what are you doing for the year 2014? I am sure you have dreams and goals, whether they are short-term or long-term that you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to improve certain skills, travel and discover a new place, obtain a college degree, or maybe you are working on improving relationships with people in your life. I know one thing, God created you as his masterpiece with a unique and outstanding purpose, so go ahead and use the world as a canvas where you can exhibit His beautiful masterpiece.

I want to challenge you right now as you read and think about your own personal journey this year. Have you accomplished any of your resolutions? If you did, I am sure it felt really good to do so. There is a genuine joy that comes from accomplishing and completing a mission. As I encourage you to reflect back on the year 2013, I want to motivate and inspire you for the year 2014, so I am going to challenge you with two focus points: People and Vision.

How do you view your interpersonal relationships? Are you on good terms with everyone in your life or is there someone with whom you could reconcile? We all go through love, laughter, crying, growth and conflicts in life, some people in your life will even hurt you very deeply. I challenge you to examine your heart and see if there are some hurts of which you need to let go. What role can forgiveness play in your life as you leave 2013 and enter into the year 2014?

Create your own vision board for the year 2014. You can be as creative and imaginative as you like to be, it is YOUR vision board. Write down your goals, dreams, passion, hobbies, challenges, improvements etc. Nothing is ever too crazy. Often when we write down what it is that we want to achieve, that idea then starts to come alive as you are in the midst of life. I am so excited for you and stay encouraged

Happy New Year!

Crossover’s Agenda for the month of December :
 - Dec 14- Christmas Jam from 11am-4pm
 - Dec 15- CMAC Holiday Bake Sale after each service. Come and support the Arts
-  Dec 18- Christmas service 730pm
-  Dec 22- Christmas Services at 10am, 1145am, 6pm

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Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace to those on earth with whom God is pleased
— Luke 2:14