Limitless Life

Vol 2. Issue 1

Happy month of February!

It is the shortest month of the year, yet this month of Crossover Church has been filled with events. We started the Tithe Challenge on February 2. Crossover Church had the biggest tithes/offering ever in its history, a total of $20,000. Amazing things happen when everyone is in obedience to God and the fruits will show in God’s timing.
We finished our gym finally, which is a dream come through. Praise God for this amazing transformation. We had our Ministry Expo to make sure everyone finds a place and opportunity to display their talents and gifts at Crossover Church. If you haven’t connected with a ministry yet I encourage you to

During Valentine’s weekend we catered to the singles on Singles Night Out with special guest speaker Tony Gaskins and for the married couples we had our Limitless Marriage Conference. 
Our Roots group season has taken off as well and if you are not in a small bible study group this season, you are definitely missing out as we are studying the Limitless Life by Derwin Gray. If you are not in a group make sure you get a copy of the book for only $10 at Crossover Church. Trust me you will not regret it!


Finally, on the last day of February we will have our PoetSoul Spoken Word and performance event. This event will include refreshments, great positive entertainment for ONLY a $5 entrance fee.
I am excited and overwhelmed at the same time, but these activities show how Crossover Church is growing and moving rapidly towards more discipleship, more opportunities to experience God and have fellowship outside of the regular Sunday Worship Experience. 
We are serving a Limitless God and as the church is together on a journey of experiencing a limitless life with God, I pray you surrender everything and all to Him. For He is great and mighty and God knows always what is best for you. I am experiencing truly God his faithfulness daily and He is giving me more than I could ever imagine. 

Written with love,

Nikita Carter

Crossover’s Agenda for the month of February
- February 23 Membership 101 at 10am and 6pm service
- February 28 PoetSoul at 6pm

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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
— Phillippians 4:13