Becoming still

Vol. 2 Issue 4- May 2014

Greetings to You

In case you don’t know me, I like to take the time to briefly re-introduce myself. You might be new to Crossover Church or perhaps you have been here for a long period of time and maybe we have never fully met. I know one thing though, everyone has a story right? Well here is mine:

At the beginning of 2013 last year I took a leap of faith and started serving full-time at Crossover Church as a missionary/arts intern. I say leap of faith, because it meant letting go of my own understanding, standards and ways. I learned to rely fully on God as I surrendered my comfort life for an adventurous, life-changing, and transformational life path with God. Every month of living expenses such as housing, food, transportation etc. in the USA is covered by supporters who have taken a leap of faith as well to support me in my missionary stay at Crossover Church. It sounds crazy right? Perhaps, but crazy has become the norm after a year living as a full-time missionary. One thing I know for sure: Where God guides, He provides and all he requires is faith to begin with.  

Now you know a little bit about my story, and I look forward to meeting you and hear yours as you worship at Crossover Church.

Becoming Still
Becoming still what is that anyway? In this day and age we hardly ever stop. There always seems to be more that can be done. If sleep was not a necessity to function well, I wonder how many people would truly sleep. We never really wish for less hours in a day, but always for more. I am guilty of it a 100% and that’s why I intentionally want to practice how to be still. Imagine how our relationships with family and friends would look like if we truly took time to be still and listen more. Even better think about how your relationship with God would be if we just became still and allowed ourselves a good portion of time to hear from God and to be with God, instead of Him having to wonder or hope if we will have time for God today.

I like to close out with a few questions to ponder on:

1. On who or what do I spend most of my time?
2. Where do I spend most hours of my day?
3. Do I include God in my daily life?

I hope you choose to be still this week and seek Him before we seek everybody and everything else.

Have a wonderful month of June and stay tune!

He says: Be still and know that I am God
— Psalm 46:10

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