Vol 3. Issue 5- June 2015

Summertime has fully arrived here in Tampa FL. Kids are out of school, which means more time available to serve our communities. If you haven't heard the latest update yet, come check it out now:

Here at Crossover Church we are launching a series called Tampa Matters. A variety of events and topics to spark conversations on what goes on in the city, the neighborhood and what do people enjoy or hope to see changed. As believers it can sometimes happen that we become so inwardly focused that we forget to go outward. So we are partnering with a variety of organizations this month to share God's love and grace through our innovative way of music, dance, spoken word and testimonies, so that those that might never step inside the church or can't leave their location, will still have the opportunity of the Gospel.

Throughout the series we will highlight impactful organizations and how the church becomes involved with the City of Tampa. We will share how Empowerment Matters,  Fathers Matter, Second Chances Matter and the Next Generation Matters.

Shout out to the organizations who have partnered with us to visit:
Alpha House- safe housing for homeless pregnant women
Veterans Hospital- health care services for veterans
Metropolitan Ministries- Providing hope through the services for poor and homeless families
Juvenile Detention Center- Speaking on purpose with Christ to the juvenile inmates of Tampa

On top of that Crossover Church is hosting a food packing event to help feed 100k people in need of food. God is so amazing how he provides in all these events.

In the end of the series on July 5, Crossover Church will have the annual IndepenDANCE  B-boy battle competition that will celebrate the dancer community that is present in the Tampa Bay area, followed by independence day Fireworks!!!

Stay Tune!! to see how the mission of TampaMatters evolves on Instagram Tampamatters and #tampamatters

 Register at www.indepenDANCE813.eventbrite.com

Register at www.indepenDANCE813.eventbrite.com