Embarking back to Europe August

Greetings from Tampa FL.

I am excited to share some upcoming things this month. I am literally 6 days away from flying on a 9 hour flight to Vienna Austria. I have the honor in the month of August to join alongside Christafari again this year. We literally are traveling from East Europe to West Europe. Some countries include Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and the Netherlands (my hometown). 

I invite you to join me on this journey and I want to let you know that this by far is expected to be one of the hardest mission tours this year. Hard, because we are traveling to 7 countries in 17 days. On top of that Europe is also known for the many atheistic nations that they are known for. Please know that your prayers before, during and after this trip are needed. We pray for hearts that will be softened and open to the message of Jesus Christ. That Jesus will be genuinely accepted instead of rejected. I am going to represent Jesus Christ with the Word, music, arts, praise and with my life, my time, my heart and I am asking Him what other form of generosity I can give.

What goes through my heart?
My heart is filled with excitement, zeal and passion to be able to go back to Europe, the place I spent 19 years of my life. But now I am going back as a devoted believer of Jesus Christ, I am different, my heart has changed, and the things that break God's heart break my heart now too. When I see how normal it is in Amsterdam to be in the business of prostitution, having marihuana shops and professing atheism I am only reminded of how many lives have yet to know about the grace, goodness and love of Jesus Christ.

So I have decided and say Lord, here I am. Send me, use me and let your Holy Spirit take over. Immerse the darkness with your light over entire Europe and on all the other continents.

What is some of the ministry work we plan to do?
We are seeking ministry and humanitarian events in all countries where we have outreach concerts. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in 2016 by feeding the homeless, reaching out to the refugees, visit drug rehab centers, red light districts and prisons.

I am raising $3500 for this trip and have raised $880 today. If God calls you to send me out on this current mission. Please click here or share the cause with someone else:

But generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity.
— Isaiah 32:8
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