Happy Thanksgiving

It is that time of the year, the holiday season has arrived. That time where we come together for a big family dinner, exchange of gifts for one another or ourselves and we share one by one around the table what we are thankful for?

I am grateful for what God has done this year in my life, it was the most challenging year spiritually, God has done a lot of pruning all for the better and I am grateful for a God that loves us so much that He won't leave us the way we are, but that He brings transformation forward. 

I am also grateful for people like you who have supported me in prayer, in finances, in friendship and in so many different ways.

I thank you also, if you prayed for the current Bahamas mission trip I led with 21 members from Crossover Church. It was truly a fruitful and successful mission trip. Check out the video!

Grace and Peace

Nikita Carter

p.s. for prayer email me at nikita@crossoverchurch.org