Nikita LIVE from Amsterdam....

Greetings Friends and Family,

I am writing this newest update from my childhood home, The Netherlands at 01.00am! with a typical hot tea and dutch black honey licorice. Yes, I am home!

Why did I go back home?
I had the opportunity to renew my stay in the USA for another season with Crossover Church as a missionary to the church, the city of Tampa and the many great friends I have made over the past 3 years working full-time in the mission field.
So in order to update my immigration status, every now and then I have to fly home to my hometown Amsterdam and apply for a Religious Visa (R1) at the US Embassy in the Netherlands. The waiting seemed longer than ever, but it reminded me God's timing is never too early and never too late, it is plain perfect timing!

It was refreshing too, to go for business matters and yet at the same time to be able to see family members, eat home cooked food, travel through the city on the subway, visit old memories and catch up on life with one another.

As I had the gift of being able to go home, it was nice for a moment to step out of a work mindset, work performance based thinking, but to simply step into simplicity. The ability to meet other believers and share faith. Pray for each other and to not think about the next appointment or what else there is on my to do list for the day. That was uniquely different, but so good!

What did I do?
Besides taking care of business. I took it upon myself to study as much as I could, through a variety of books, sermons, visiting churches, visiting dance studios and enjoy the journey of learning new things. 

 I recommend anyone to find time to read these books. Eye-opening truly! 

I recommend anyone to find time to read these books. Eye-opening truly! 

What have I learned?
You will never have enough knowledge to say I know enough about God's word! A growing believer exists only when he/she takes the time through discipline and investing time to learn. 

I look forward to step back in to the USA to serve the leaders and congregants of Crossover Church, and to grow further to learn about God's love, grace and mercy and to share it with anyone and everyone.

Grace and Peace from Amsterdam!


p.s. Enjoy the family photos of an ordinary girl from The Netherlands!