Gods Grace is sufficient

Blessings to you,

I hope all is well, that you see Gods touch upon your life, and the lives of all you pray for.

I am in awe to see how quick this year is already moving forward. We are in the last quarter of the year until we go into the year of 2016. It makes me think about how much did I grow spiritually this year? How much effort did I put in my spiritual walk with God,my relationships with people and the experiences God has given me in order to grow?

Occasionally, I like to take a moment and simply be still. The sound of silence can be truly rewarding. I love how each word in the Bible brings encouragement, peace, joy, correction, wisdom and guidance and the truth needed for every area of life. Psalm 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God" I have learned to appreciate stillness. For it is in the stillness, the alone times that I have experienced truly the deepest intimacy with God.

As I am extending my stay in the USA, I see God's favor upon my current season. A season of waiting to transition into a new ministry in the USA in full time missions. A season of preparing for new growth in talents, skills, prayer life and relationships. A season to trust God even more, for at times I don't understand everything He does, but I have a hope that truly keeps me going. I have experienced this year 2015 the grace and love of God in moments when I needed it the most.

I like to share a current book that I am reading at this moment, it has been a highlight for me in the many readings I have done this year 2015. 
Title: Dirty God, Jesus in the Trenches
Author:Johnnie Moore
Topic: This book is about grace. And how grace split time in half and made a broken world a playground again for the goodness and kindness of God.
This book makes you think, evaluate how you receive the grace of God constantly and whether you live in response to His grace.

 You never know how much grace God has for you until you need it the most- Nikita Carter

You never know how much grace God has for you until you need it the most- Nikita Carter

I look forward to hear how you are and like to pray for you, email me at nikita@crossoverchurch.org